Morada Green

Morada Green
Morada Green Morada Green Morada Green Morada Green Morada Green

New from Banana Boat® founder, Randy Pegram, a 100% ALL NATURAL and BIODEGRADABLE line of carefully crafted suncare products featuring a special eco-friendly SPF 30 Sunblock formulated without chemical sunscreens.

Morada Green

Why Morada Green?
Our special biodegradable formula replaces chemical sunscreens with skin soothing micronized zinc oxide. Zinc Oxide acts as a physical barrier scattering the harmful broad spectrum ultraviolet radiation before it enters the skin. With over 95% of UVA and UVB radiation blocked it is four times more effective than the best available commercial chemical sunscreen!

Feels Good. Safe natural oils moisturize while vitamins and aloe have special soothing effect on especially sensitive skin. And Morada Green contains no eye irritating chemicals. Perfect for all participant sports!

Morada Green

Green Tea. The Morada Green SPF 30 formula contains green tea and caffeine in a special combination that has shown to block the formation of skin cancer in several medical school studies.

Reef Friendly. Morada Green is 100% biodegradable. Recent scientific studies have determined that chemical sunscreens cause significant and irreparable damage to our fragile coral reefs. Morada Green contains none of these potentially harmful chemicals. Show that you care!

Why SPF 30 and not SPF 50?
SPF 30 formulas block 97% of UVB radiation. An SPF 50 blocks only 1% more. Hardly worth the extra cost. So that leaves the harmful "high energy" UVA radiation to be blocked by the broad spectrum properties of a particular sunscreen. With its 14% all natural zinc oxide formula, Morada Green easily delivers this broad spectrum protection without chemical sunscreens or titanium dioxide.

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