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Q & A

Q. What is the main advantage of non-chemical sunscreen preparations as opposed to those formulated with chemical sunscreens?

A. Broad Spectrum Protection. Chemical sunscreen preparations simply do not effectively screen both the UVA and UVB radiation. No matter the claimed SPF factor. Simply stated, zinc oxide based sunscreens block both kinds of radiation.

Q. Will Morada Green SPF 30 burn my eyes?

A. No, there are no irritating chemicals in our formula.

Q. Will Morada Green SPF 30 "turn me white"?

A. Yes, to some extent. But remember, with our zinc oxide based formula you are applying a highly effective and immediate physical barrier to the sun's harmful rays, not chemicals which are absorbed by the skin. A slightly visible white film is a small price to pay for achieving up to four times the protection!

Q. Is Morada Green SPF 30 waterproof?

A. Not as much as some chemical sunscreens. For best results, reapply after swimming.

Q. Are Morada Green Suncare products animal tested?

A. No

Q. Why just zinc oxide and not in combination with titanium dioxide as the active sunscreen ingredient?

A. While titanium dioxide has proven sunblock properties, our studies have concluded that a 14% micronized zinc formula is more readily biodegradable and has a significant "less white" appearance on the skin.

Q. In a non-technical way, what are the advantages of your Morada Green when compared to the current popular brands?

A. A highly effective, eco-friendly and non irritating sunscreen product formulated with the latest and very best available ingredients.

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